Alotol Advance deep moisturizing cream with 100% Natural Vitamin E - 50g | For Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin | Vegan Skin Care

Bionova Alotol Advance 100% Natural Vitamin E Cream - Deep Skin Moisturizing and Revitalizing Cream for All Skin Types - 50g

  • Suitable for men & Women
  • 100% vegetarian
Weight: 50 Grams

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  • DEEP MOISTURIZATION: Natural vitamin E cream with advanced skin-rejuvenating and intense moisturization properties - contains 6000 IU vitamin E which deeply rejuvenates the skin and improves its appearance
  • ACNE CONTROL: Bionova Natural Vitamin E cream blocks the free radical activity and controls acne breakouts
  • UV PROTECTION: Protects the skin against UV damages like sunburns, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and tanning
  • ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: Bionova Natural Vitamin E cream has strong skin-tightening properties, which is helpful in reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Bionova's Vitamin E cream is free of paraben and other harmful additives. Apply Bionova natural vitamin E cream on the skin surface in circular motion 2-3 times a day for well-hydrated healthy skin.

Bionova Natural Vitamin E cream has skin rejuvenating and intense moisturizing properties. Vitamin E that is present in this cream is sourced from oil seeds and is 100% natural. With natural vitamin E as the key ingredient, this cream blocks the free radical activity and protects the skin against acne breakouts. Bionova Natural Vitamin E cream protects the skin against photobiological damages such as sunburns, dark spots and skin sagging. As an antioxidant, natural vitamin E stimulates skin cell division and improves the structural integrity of the skin. This product works well on all types of skins. Natural vitamin E has a significant role in tightening the skin and improving its elasticity by acting as a dermal cell stimulator.

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